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Finding Towing Services When You Need Them

By on September 5, 2016

Most vehicle owners have faced a situation where their car broke down unexpectedly while they were on the way for something important. When this is the situation, the next few hours are spent frantically searching the internet for emergency tow truck Toronto service, gathering the contact details, and negotiating costs.

Most car owners have elaborate accident insurances but are not prepared for emergencies such as a simple breakdown. This can result in unnecessary frustration and they may even have to pay extra for lack of an emergency plan. Here are a few steps to follow when finding a towing service in the event of an emergency breakdown:

Motor Clubs Can Be Contacted

If you are registered with a motor club, the first instinct must be to contact them. Most motor club cards have a toll free number printed on them. The representative will then ask a few routine questions to verify identity, review policy, get the right location, and then send towing. However, if the vehicle is not registered with a motor club, searching online for contacts is the next best option.

Search Online For Contacts

Most towing services are listed on online directories and similar services.  A simple internet search will lead to contacts of various towing companies. If there is some time on your hands, it is advisable to do a quick online research on their services. There are several consumer sites which may have reviews listing positive or negative comments about the services of a particular towing service.

Choose One in your Vicinity

It is important to choose a towing service that operates in the vicinity of the location of the breakdown. If the towing services works from an office located hours away, the time taken for them to register the tow request, dispatch a truck, locate your vehicle, and then tow it to the repair will take a frustratingly long time. Instead, select one which works from an office close by.

Inquire About the Towing Fee and Dispatch Time

Before hiring a service there are two things that must be discussed clearly. After the service order has been confirmed, make sure to get a clear estimate of the towing fee to a certain location (preferably to the repair shop). You need to know how long it will take to dispatch the truck and the time taken for them to get to your location.

Unexpected trouble with your vehicle and the pain involved in finding an emergency towing service is surely dreaded by all vehicle owners, but with the presence of mind it can be easily dealt with. Check here for more info

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